Kleve Duitsland: 11:02 a.m.
For twenty years, we have been creating recognizable brands and protecting them with clever visual strategies. And we think long-term. That's good for your nerves and for ours too, to be honest.

Multidisciplinary communication design for advanced.

Good design means steering according to needs. Making brands recognizably better than others in the field. HDCA has been creating lasting and recognizable brand identities for over twenty years. For us, good design is the most sustainable form of communication.

Vodafone Mobilfunk - CDA Germany - United Nations - Roland Berger - Beefer Grillgeräte - Desitin Pharma - Dexcel Pharma - Atid Pharma - Bayer - One Day Care - ICI Paints Dulux - Maltheser - German Red Cross - Tatami - Scalara - System 180 - Nanolayers Optical Coatings - Sony Music - Ilve Germany - White Beauty & Healthcare - ThermoExpert° - Birkenstock - FSB Cologne - Philips Consumer - VENTEON - Scalara - Sanovita - VRmagic

In commercial communication, a new pig is always being driven through the village. At some point, you know what you can save yourself and your customers - and what you absolutely can't: stay relaxed. Do things differently.

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